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Prince Sado was overjoyed at

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this change in his father. He became visibly less afraid of him. Had Princess Hwap'yong lived longer, she could have helped to bring father and son closer together. The benefit would have been immense.

思悼王子對他父親這樣的改變喜出望外.他明顯地變得不那麼怕他了. 若和平翁主活得久一點, 她可能有助於帶來父子之間更親密的在一起. 這好處將是無限的.

In the chongmyo year (1747), Prince Sado held his lecture sessions regularly. Things went well until the tenth month when a fire damaged many buildings near the Main Hall in the Ch'angdok Palace, and we all had to move to Kyonghui Palace. Prince Sado's new residence was Chuphui Hall; Lady Sonhui and Princess Hwap'yong settled respectively in Yangdok Hall and Illyong House, both of which were quite far from Chuphui Hall. The distance put an end to their frequent get-togethers. In his solitude, Prince Sado returned to his games.

於丁卯(1747)年, 思悼王子的講座定期舉行. 一切都很順利直到十月當一場火災燒毁了昌德宮主廳附近的許多建築. 並且我們都不得不搬到慶熙宮. 思悼王子的新府邸為緝熙堂; 宣禧宮及和平翁主分別被安置在養德堂及逸寧軒, 這兩處離緝熙堂都相當遠. 這距離結束了他們的頻繁聚會. 在孤獨中, 思悼世子回到他的遊戲.

In the sixth month of mujin (1748), Princess Hwap'yong passed away. His Majesty was so utterly stricken by the death of the daughter whom he had loved beyond all else that he seemed ready to give up his own life. Lady Sonhui was as grieved. Immersed in their sorrow, they went into a state in which everything seemed a dream. Oblivious of what was going on around them, they paid little attention to their son. Not having to heed anyone, Prince Sado plunged further into his games. There was nothing he did not experiment with; he became excellent in archery, wordsmanship, and the other martial arts.

戊辰(1748)年六月, 和平翁主過世了. 主上被他超越一切所鍾愛的女兒之死徹底擊垮, 以致於他似乎準備放棄自己的生命. 宣禧宮同樣悲傷. 沈浸在悲傷之中, 他們進入一個一切以乎都是一場夢的狀態. 無視周遭發生了什麼事, 他們很少關注他們的兒子. 沒有理會任何人, 思悼王子進一步陷入他的遊戲. 沒有什麼他不曾試驗過的; 他在射箭, 寫作技藝及其他武術變得傑出.


When he was not engaged in one of these activities, he painted. He also grew interested in occult texts and asked the official diviner, Kim Myonggi, to write down some magic formulae for him. He studied these, memorizing them. With his attention thus diverted, how could his studies not suffer?

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Judging by these examples, it is clear that his behavior depended upon the attention his parents paid to him. When he saw them frequently, he exerted himself in his studies and did not indulge in games, and there was no friction between father and son. But when he was left

alone, he went back to

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his games and neglected his studies, and the tension between father and son increased. If only his parents had kept him under their supervision, the situation would not have reached that terrible extreme.

當他沒有從事這些活動時, 他就作畫. 他漸漸對神秘文本感興趣並要求一位官方占卜師金明基為他寫下一些巫術的配方.

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他研究了這些, 並背熟它們. 隨著他的注意力轉移, 他的研讀如何能不變糟? 從這些例子來看, 很顯然地他的行為取決於他父母對他的關注. 當他頻繁地見到他們時, 他在研讀中竭盡全力, 沒有沈迷於遊戲, 父子之間沒有摩擦, 但當他被獨自留下時, 他又回到遊戲中疏忽了學業, 父子之間的緊張關係也加深了. 只要他的父母在他們的監督之下撫養他, 情況就不會達到那麼可怕的極端.

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There is one thing that His Majesty used to do that aggrieves me to this day. Whatever his sagacious intention might have been, His Majesty did not find a quiet time to sit down with his son and teach and advise him affectionately. Rather, unconcerned with

這天有一件主上過去常做的事使我感到悲痛. 不論他睿智的意圖可能是什麼, 主上未曾

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    ― 253 ―

    思悼王世子對他父親這樣的改變喜出望外極其欣喜, 他明顯地變得不那麼怕他了. 若和平翁主活得久一點, 她可能已有協助於帶來讓這對父子之間更親密的地在一起. 這好處將會是無限很巨大的.

    於在丁卯(1747)年時, 思悼王世子定期舉辦的講座定期舉行. 一切都很順利直到十月當時, 一場火災燒毁了昌德宮主廳附近的許多建築. 並且我們全部的人都不得不搬到慶熙宮. 思悼王世子的新府邸為是緝熙堂; 宣禧宮及和平翁主則分別被安置在養德堂及逸寧軒, 這兩個住處離緝熙堂都相當遠. 這距離結束了他們的頻繁的聚會. 在孤獨中, 思悼世子回到了他的遊戲.

    戊辰(1748)年六月, 和平翁主過世了. 主上被他超越一切所最鍾愛的女兒之死所徹底擊垮, 以致於他似乎準備要放棄自己的生命. 宣禧宮同樣悲傷. 他們沈浸在悲傷之中, 他們且進入一個一切以似乎都是一場夢的狀態. 無視忘却周遭發生了什麼的事, 他們很少關注他們的兒子. 也沒有理會任何人, 於是思悼王世子更進一步地陷溺入於他的遊戲之中. 沒有什麼事是他不曾試驗過的; 以致於他在射箭、寫作技手工藝及其他武術方面變得傑出.

    當他沒有從事這些活動時, 他就作畫. 他漸漸對神秘文本感興趣並要求一位官方占卜師金明基為他寫下一些巫術的配方.他研究了這些, 並背熟它們. 隨著他的注意力的轉移, 他的研讀如何能不變糟? 從這些例子來看判斷, 很顯然地他的行為取決於他父母對他的關注. 當他頻繁地見到他們時, 他在研讀中竭盡全力, 而且沒有未沈迷於遊戲, 父子之間也沒有摩擦, 但當他被獨自留下時, 他又回到遊戲中而疏忽了學業, 父子之間的緊張關係也因而加深了. 只要但願他的父母曾一直將他置於在他們的監督之下撫養他, 情況就不會達發展到那麼可怕的極端.

    這天有一件主上過去常做的事使我直到今日仍感到悲痛. 不論他睿智的意圖可能是什麼, 主上未曾找一個安靜的時間和他的兒子坐下來親切深情地教導及規勸提供建議給他.