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急~ 商英翻譯-請客人解釋修改訂單

Hi Janice,

請問您郵件的意思是下列取消的item會有replace的訂單嗎? 如果是, 請告知我們何時會收到replacement PO, 另外PO 1141的itemA 還留在系統中, 請確認是否要取消, 謝謝




不好意思, 額外補充一句.. 如果可以麻煩幫忙回答:)

請知悉 / 特別提醒下, 由於這個PO當初是用總公司a的名義下單, 故請將貨款匯入我們a公司的帳戶, 之後其他PO的貨款請匯入我們子公司b的新帳戶, 謝謝!

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  • 羅莉
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    Dear XXXX,

    Please clarify if you meant in your email that you would issue a replacing

    PO to accommodate the following canceled items. If affirmative, we would

    like to know when we can receive it.

    Item xxxx

    Item xxxx

    Item xxxx

    Besides, Item A in PO#1141 still remains in the system. Please ascertain if

    it is intended to be removed. Thanks.

    Best regards,

    Xxxx Xxxx

    2015-07-23 20:42:28 補充:

    Please take special caution that as this PO was placed with our headquarters, AAA Company, your payment for it shall be remitted in AAA's favor, whereas those for the subsequent PO's be made in favor of our subsidiary, BBB Company.

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