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狐狸點子 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前

258 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


― 258 ―

but His Majesty's true intention was to let the Prince-Regent take care of those cases that he detested but that were too serious for eunuchs. Once he became regent, Prince Sado looked after these administrative matters, assisted by eunuchs. Of the six regular audiences each month, His Majecty presided over the first three with the Prince in attendance, while the Prince-Regent alone officiated at the last three.

但是主上真正的意圖是讓王子攝政處理那些他所厭惡但對太監們來說又是太嚴重的情況. 每個月六次例行的聽政中, 主上伴同世子主持了前三次, 而由王子聽政單獨主持了後三次.

From the beginning, the regency was ridden with problems and conflict. For instance, when the Prince-Regent received memorials criticizing government policies or discussing factional issues, he would send a memo, to His Majesty asking his opinion rather than taking care of them himself. Despite the fact that these memorials came from officials and despite the fact that the Prince had nothing to do with their arrival, His Majesty would grow furious at his son, blaming him. He declared that it was the inability of the Prince-Regent to lead the officials to harmony that caused the appearance of such contentious memorials. If the Prince-Regent were to send a memo asking His Majesty's opinion, His Majesty would rebuke him. "You cannot even handle matters of such insignificance. What is the use of having a regent?" But if the Prince-Regent did not seek his views beforehand, His Majesty would reprimand him just the same. "How dare you make decisions on such weighty matters without consulting me first?" he would scold. In everything, if the Prince did thus, His Majesty reproached him for not having done so, but if the Prince did so, then His Majesty criticized him for not having done thus. There was nothing that the Prince-Regent did that His Majesty found satisfactory. He was constantly discontented and angry with his son. It reached a point where the occurrence of cold spells, droughts, poor harvests, strange natural omens,


or calamities caused His Majesty to denounce "the Prince-Regent's insufficient virtue" and to reproach the Prince most severely.

從一開始代理聽政就充滿問題和衝突. 例如當王子聽政收到奏摺批判政府政策或討論派系問題時, 他寧可向主上提交一份備忘錄徵詢他的意見而不是由他自己處理. 儘管這些上疏來自官員, 儘管世子與它們的到來無關, 主上會對他兒子大發雷霆, 指責他.

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他宣稱導致這種有爭議的上疏出現是王子攝政對領導官員和諧的無能. 設若王子聽政提交一份備忘錄給主上徵詢他的意見, 主上只會訓斥他, "你連這種無足輕重的事都無法處理, 有一個攝政者又有什麼用?" 但若王子聽政沒有事先徵求他的看法, 主上也會同樣地斥責他. 他會責罵 "這麼重大的事情你怎麼敢不先跟我商量?". 在每件事上, 如果世子做了這個, 主上責備他沒有做那個, 但如果世子做了那個, 主上又批評他沒有做這個. 王子聽政所做的沒有一件事能讓主上得到滿足. 他經常地不滿並對他的兒子發脾氣.

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氣候已達到了這樣的一個時刻, 出現寒流, 旱災, 糧食欠收, 和奇怪的自然徵兆或災難引起主上 "攝政者的美德不足" 的讉責, 並最嚴厲地指責世子.

Thus if the weather was cloudy or if there was thunder on a winter day, the Prince-Regent instantly grew nervous and fearful lest he receive yet another berating from his father. Before long,

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he was frightened and anxious over everything; the illness developed gradually as his sense of terror spawned unwholesome imaginings and strange notions. How sad that His Majesty, an extraordinarily virtuous and supremely benevolent king and a remarkably intelligent and observant man,

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did not realize that his precious heir was growing ill. Alarmed by his father's criticism and stung by his fury,

因此如果天氣是陰天或在冬天打雷, 王子聽政立刻神經緊張和恐懼生怕受到來自他父親的斥責. 不久, 他對一切感到驚恐和焦慮, 病情逐漸發展成他的恐怖感催生了有害身心的想像和奇怪的想法. 而主上, 一位格外地善良且崇高地仁慈的國王, 一位非常地聰明且觀察力敏銳的男人, 卻沒有意識到他珍貴的繼承人正在逐漸生病這是多麼悲哀啊. 被他父親的指責感到驚慌不安, 被他的暴怒刺痛了,

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  • 5 年前

    ― 258 ―但是主上真正的意圖是讓王子攝政處理那些他所厭惡, 但對太監們來說又是太嚴重的情況. 一旦思悼世子成為攝政, 他監理這些在每個月六次例行朝覲裡的聽政中管理事項,, 主上伴同世子主持了前三次, 世子出席在座, 而由王子聽攝政單獨主持了後三次.

    " 從一開始, 代理聽攝政就充滿問題和衝突. 例如當王子聽攝政收到奏摺批判政府政策或討論派系問題時, 他寧可向主上提交呈上一份備忘錄徵詢他的意見, 而不是由他自己處理. 而儘不管這些上疏來自官員, 儘管及世子與它們的到來無關的事實, 主上會對他兒子大發雷霆, 指責他. 他宣稱導致這種有爭議的上疏出現, 是因王子攝政對領導官員間的和諧的無能. 設若王子聽攝政提交呈上一份備忘錄給主上徵詢他的意見, 主上只就會訓斥他, "你連這種無足輕重的事都無法處理, 有一個攝政者又有什麼用?" 但若王子聽攝政沒有事先徵求他的看法, 主上也會同樣地斥責他. 他會責罵 "這麼重大的事情你怎麼敢不先跟我商量?". 在每件事上, 如果世子這様做了這個, 主上就責備他沒有那様做那個, 但如果世子那様做了那個, 主上又批評他沒有這様做這個.

    王子聽攝政所做的事情,沒有一件事能讓主上得感到滿足. 他經常地不滿足並對他的兒子發脾氣. 當氣候已達到了這樣的一個時刻, 出現寒流期、旱災、 糧食欠收、 和奇怪的自然徵兆或災難, 這引起主上讉責 "攝政者的美德不足" 的讉責, 並最嚴厲地指責世子.

    因此如果天氣是陰天或在冬天打雷, 王子聽攝政立刻神經緊張和恐懼生怕受到來自他父親的斥責. 不久之後, 他對一切感到驚恐和焦慮, 病情逐漸發展成當他的恐怖感催生了大量有害身心的想像和奇怪的想法時, 他的病情逐漸發展. 而這是多麼的悲傷啊!主上是一位格外地的善良且崇高地至為仁慈的國王, 一位非常地聰明且觀察力敏銳的男人, 卻沒有意識到他珍貴的繼承人正在逐漸在生病, 這是多麼悲哀啊. 他被他父親的指責而感到驚慌不安, 被他父親的暴怒刺痛了心靈,

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