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260 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


― 260 ―

In the eighth month of kyongo (1750), I gave birth to Uiso. It was unlikely that His Majesty would not be happy to have a grandson. My safe delivery, however, seemed to have revived painful memories of Princess Hwap'yong, who died in childbirth in mujin (1748). He plunged into depression, lamenting anew that his daughter had died while others gave birth with no problem. Thus, while he was happy to obtain a grand heir, this happiness was overshadowed by rekindled grief for his daughter. His Majesty did not offer so much as one commonplace word of congratulation to his son, not even something like "You already have a child, eh?"

於庚午(1750)年八月, 我生下懿昭. 主上會不高興有一個孫子, 這是不太可能的. 然而, 我的安全分娩似乎喚醒了和平翁主在戊辰(1748)年死於分娩的痛苦回憶. 他陷入意氣消沉, 再一次為他的女兒已經死了而悲痛, 而別人生產就沒有問題. 因此, 雖然他很高興獲得一位世孫, 這幸福蒙上了陰影重新燃起對他女兒的悲痛. 主上不曾給予他的兒子甚至於是一種陳腔濫調的賀詞, 就連像是 "你已經有一個孩子了, 是嗎?" 都沒有.

His Majesty had always been extremely kind to me, really much more than I had any right to expect. I was sincerely grateful, though somewhat uncomfortable, that I alone was favored. After Uiso's birth, though, His Majesty ignored me completely, refusing me even the smallest word of acknowledgment such as "You have safely delivered a son. I salute you." I was in my early youth.[*] I did not know the joy of having a child, and I felt terribly ill at ease. Overcome by renewed sadness, His Majesty frequently lost his temper and was generally in an ill humor. Lady Sonhui, on the other hand, was genuinely happy over the birth of a grandson, though her memory of her daughter could not have been less intense than His Majesty's. She regarded it as a great blessing upon the Altar of State, and until seven days after my delivery, she stayed near my maternity quarters and took care of me. His Majesty one day reproached her, "You are all happiness, Lady Sonhui; you must have forgotten all about Princess Hwap'yong. How cold-blooded you are!" Lady Sonhui laughed it off, but she lamented that his sagacious heart was so obsessed.

主上一向對我極其親切, 真的遠超過任何我所能


主上一向對我極其親切, 真的遠超過任何我所能期望的. 我真誠地感激, 雖然對我單獨受到青睞有點不舒服. 懿昭出生後雖然主上完全不理會我, 拒絕我即使是作為謝意最無足輕重的一句話如 "妳已安全地生下一個兒子. 我向妳祝賀." 我在青春時代的早期. 我不了解擁有一個孩子的快樂, 我感到非常不自在. 受不了再度的悲傷, 主上經常發脾氣而且通常處於不悅的情緒中. 而另一方面, 宣禧宮對於孫子的出生感到真正地快樂, 雖然她對女兒的回憶並不亞於主上的.

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她將它視為一個崇靈殿上美好的祝福, 並在我產後七天待在我的產房附近照顧我. 有一天主上責備她, "宣禧宮, 妳是全然幸福的, 妳必定已經把和平翁主給忘了. 妳是多麼無情啊!" 宣禧宮對此一笑置之, 但她為他睿智的心如此的痴迷感到悲痛.

Prince Sado, who was rather mature for his age, was happy that a son had been borne to him and that he had thus strengthened the foundation of the nation.

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He did not dare complain of his father's indifference, but it was apparent that he was hurt by it. He said to me, "I, by myself, was enough of a problem. I now have a child. I wonder whether it will be all right?" It was heartbreaking to hear him say that.

思悼世子以他的年齡來說是相當成熟的, 他很高興兒子已經出生,

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並且因此鞏固了國家的基礎. 他不敢抱怨父親的漠不關心, 但很明顯的他受到了傷害. 他對我說, "我自己實在是個問題. 現在我有一個孩子, 我不知道它是否正確的?" 聽到他這樣說真令人心碎.

Perhaps I should not speak of this, but I feel compelled to write of it.

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When I was pregnant with Uiso, I often dreamt of Princess Hwap'yong. In these dreams, she came into my bedchamber,

也許我不該談到一點, 但我感到不得不寫下它. 當我懷著懿昭的時候, 我經常夢見和平翁主. 在這些夢中, 她走進了我的臥房,

[*] Lady Hyegyong was in her sixteenth year.


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    ― 260 ―

    於庚午(1750)年八月, 我生下懿昭. 主上會不高興有一個孫子, 這是不太可能的. 然而, 我的安全分娩似乎喚醒了和平翁主在戊辰(1748)年死於分娩難產的痛苦回憶. 他陷入意氣消沉中, 再一次為他的女兒已經死了而悲痛因生產而死, 而別人生產就却沒有問題而悲痛. 因此, 雖然他很高興獲得一位世孫, 這幸福蒙上了陰影却因重新燃起對他女兒的悲痛而蒙上了陰影. 主上不曾給予他的兒子甚至於是一種陳腔濫調一句普通的賀詞, 就甚至連像是 "你已經有一個孩子了, 是嗎?" 這樣的話都沒有.

    主上一向對我極其親切, 真的遠超過任何我所能主上一向對我極其親切, 真的遠超過任何我所能期望的. 我真誠地感激, 雖然我對我單獨受到青睞有點不舒服自在. 懿昭出生後, 雖然主上完全不理會我,甚至拒絕給我即使是作為謝意最無足輕重的一句話如 "妳已安全地生下一個兒子. 我向妳祝賀." 我在青春時代的早期. 我不了解擁有一個孩子的快樂, 我且感到非常極其不自在舒坦. 而主上受不了再度的悲傷,主上經常常發脾氣而且通常處於不悅惡劣的情緒中. 而另一方面, 宣禧宮對於孫子的出生真的感到真正地快樂, 雖然她對女兒的回憶的程度並不亞於主上的. 她將它孫子的誕生視為一個項崇靈殿上美好的祝福, 並在我產後七天待在我的產房附近照顧我到產後的第七天. 有一天主上責備她, "宣禧宮, 妳真是全然幸福的快樂! 妳必定已經完全把和平翁主給忘了. 妳是多麼無情啊!" 宣禧宮對此一笑置之, 但她為他睿智的心如此的痴迷感到悲痛.

    思悼世子以他的年齡來說是相當成熟的, 他為很高興兒子已經出生, 並且因此鞏固了國家的基礎而感到高興. 他不敢抱怨父親的漠不關心, 但很明顯的他為此受到了傷害. 他對我說,"我自己實在是都成了一個問題. 現在我有一個孩子, 我不知道它是否正確的可都安好無事?" 聽到他這樣說真令人心碎.

    也許我不該談到一點此事, 但我感到不得覺得不能不寫下它. 當我懷著懿昭的時候, 我經時常夢見和平翁主. 在這些夢中, 她走進了我的臥房,


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