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旻秀 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前



Good afternoon everyone.My name is Jane,and graduated in XX junior high school.Personality is lively,assertive and somewhat conceited.Interest is reading novels and playing basketball and billiards.Other sports can play a little,but not strong.You can also see me in LOL s the summoner s rift.Reason want to join the MUN is usually linked to international affairs have own opinions,but couldn t find someone to share.Now have this opportunity of course to take advantage of.


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  • 5 年前

    Attention, Comrades! I am Jane, also a new graduate from OO JHS.

    My personality is out-going, active, assertive, and somewhat opinionated.

    Hobbies of mine are reading, basketball, and pool. Other sports are mediocre.

    I am a frequent visitor of the Summoners' Rift in LOL. Come and visit me there so that I can kill you a few times.

    Many reasons I have for joining MUN. The most important one among them - I am so super eager to share with you my observations on international affairs, the issues I identified, as well as solutions I think might work. Now I am here to take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the team.

    Now, carry on, ladies.

    Reader's notes:

    1. 日語與中語 都有省略主詞"我"的習慣, but not in English.

    2. My name is OO, and graduated ... 你的名子怎會畢業於XX國中?

    3. conceited 太負面了.opinionated 溫柔一點吧?


    4. MUN has a lot to offer. I personally learned a lot from it and made a lot of friends there. However, it requires too much travel and may hinder your other study.

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  • 5 年前




    24小時不打烊, 多種遊戲任你玩

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