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請問 said our fish as he lit. 其中as he lit什麼意思?


其中as he lit什麼意思?

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  • Kookie
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    5 年前

    原文出自 The Cat in the Hat

    And our fish came down, too.

    He fell into a pot!

    He said, “Do I like this?

    Oh, no! I do not.

    This is not a good game,”

    Said our fish as he lit.

    No, I do not like it,

    Not one little bit!”

    lit 在這裡是 light 的過去式,意思是descend 降下, land on 著地 的意思。這是一個舊式語意,但在英式方言中還可聽到。

    v. (past and past part. lit lit or lighted) [intrans.]

    2) archaic descend

    from the horse he lit down

    ■ light on fall and settle or land on (a surface)

    a feather just lighted on the ground

    (Oxford American Dictionary)

    intransitive verb

    1. : to climb downward (as from a horse) : dismount — now usually used with down

    every time he lit down from his saddle — W.F.Harris

    2. : to descend on a surface : fall to the ground : perch , settle

    laying waste every foot of the field they lighted in — O.E.Rölvaag

    3. : to come down suddenly : fall unexpectedly (as of a blow, good fortune, or bad fortune) — usually used with on or upon

    when he got that far … Nemesis lit on him — Elmer Davis

    (Webster's New Third International Unabridged Dictionary)


  • 5 年前

    這裡的"lit"是"light"的過去式,"light"當動詞除了可以是"點亮"、"照亮"之外也可以是"燒"(burn)的意思。"Said our fish as he lit." → 這隻魚在說這些話時,正燙著呢。

  • chen
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    5 年前

    said our fish as he lit. 其中as he lit什麼意思


    啊是看到 我們的魚 這樣順勢划下去呀 !