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To rousing applause at the United Nations, Obama said Sunday he is committing the United States ... 前面是翻譯為哪一個? 1.為了在聯合國獲得贊同 2.在聯合國熱烈的掌聲中?

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  • Kookie
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    6 年前

    1.) WordReference 有一篇討論,同樣的用法,(只可惜搔不到癢處)

    To rousing applause, President Barack Obama told university students in Jakarta of Indonesia's role in his life.

    (另一解說,"用作目的状语的非谓语动词为什么用to doing sth呢" , 說實話,我連問題都看不懂)

    2.) rousing applause / speech 是個常見的連字詞,所以 rousing applause 本身並沒有錯,應該要問的是為什麼是 to rousing applause,而不是 with 或 amid rousing applause? 為什麼不是 To rouse applause?

    先說為什麼不是 to rouse applause = in order to rouse sb. to applause. 為了贏得掌聲,(故意譁眾取寵或畫大餅),這當然不是Obama 的本意。

    3.) to rousing applause 為何如此普遍使用,當然和語言的使用習慣有關,因為這是使用在演講或表演的場合,面對觀眾熱烈的掌聲。

    (standing up to / facing up to) an audience of rousing applause

    receiving an rousing applause from the audience

    面對的是 "觀眾",歡呼的是掌聲


    i) Amy Purdy takes the stage to rousing applause at the Oprah Winfrey's 'Oprah's Life You Want Weekend' at the Verizon Center in Washington

    ii) Jack stood up to another round of rousing applause

    iii) Jimmy paused, while some 14 individuals, mostly seated in the first two or three rows, slowly, and somewhat self-consciously, stood up, to a rousing applause

    iv) received the award on behalf of Mr. Elumelu and read out his acceptance speech to a rousing applause at the ceremony in Port Elizabeth

    所以版大的問題,正確的翻譯是 (2) 在熱烈的掌聲中