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小規 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前


My name is XXX. You can just call me by my English name, XXX.

I am XX years old.

I was born in Taipei. But more exactly, I'm a half Hengchun person, because my mother is a local.

I love here very much. The warm sun and flesh air give me lots power. So I came back here every year for charging.

I graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts. My major was Drama.

I also took educational courses while in college. Then I got the National Teacher Certificate of Elementary School.

I learnt dancing since I was 6 years old. But I hurt my backbone, so I quit sadly when high school.

Music is my favorite hobby, I have even learnt playing drums and joined a band.

I am out-going and optimistic. I like to try new things. I have tried to tell storys to kids, be a counselor in a winter camp, and be a street artist as a clown.

I wish my job could meet people and be fun.

So hotel receptionist is a perfect duty to me. I really hope I can serve in XXX.

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  • 5 年前

    1. the spelling errors show that you could be more careful in your writing. However, I remain convinced that your English is pretty good. So, I will do this question in English with you.

    2. Your writing is pretty good in the beginning, but gets much worse toward the end. Not sure why, maybe it was your ADHD kicking in.

    3. You should not stop at a bunch of simple sentences with same structure. That makes your writing boring. Challenge yourself and use longer sentences in various structures, as well as harder vocabularies. They not only show off your good English skills but also make your writing more interesting and convincing.

    Enough said - let me rewrite it below.

    MY name is OOO and you may call me by my English name XOX. I am ZZ years old, was born in Taipei. However, I deem myself half Hengchunian for my mom is indigenous to this town.

    This town is emotionally beloved to me - the warm sun, the fresh air, the clear ocean, they all entrust me with magical super powers. That is why I return here to rejuvenate myself every summer.

    I majored in Drama and earned my BA degree at NTU of Arts. In college, I also went through education program and received my elementary school teacher certificate. Dancing had been what I enjoyed most since 6 years old until my suffering from back injury in high school. Meanwhile, I took on music, learned playing drums, and am good enough to join an amateur band.

    Out-going is my name and optimism is my game. New things? Never scared of! Tough jobs? I eat them for lunch. Naughty kids? The more the better. I am super talented in managing group events and leading group activities. As matter of fact, I enjoy doing them. Camp fire? No problem. Ghost stories? I have a dozen. In many winter camps, I was famous to be the best story teller to kids and counselor to all events. On the sideline, I am also a good street artist and crazy clown.

    I, now, ladies and gentlemen, am here in search of a job, that is fun, but more importantly, brings happiness to the world. So, should I start myself as a hotel receptionist? How wonderful it is! I know the first impression is the only impression that matters and I am prepared to bring it home to every single guest of this fine resort.