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以下內容是要給國外客戶看的合約 請幫忙翻譯成英文 謝謝各位 勿使用翻譯軟體


有關缷貨及安裝事宜,皆由買方自行負責。機器到位後,買方需通知賣方, 賣方需無條件協助安裝及技術培訓指導

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  • 5 年前

    Vendors provide one year warranty period with free repairs available during the said period except the events of force majeure like natural disasters, man-made results or the factors of improper operation. Vendors are entitled to terminate the warranty responsibility for the events caused by improper use or unauthorized spare parts and maintenance provided by the original factory.

    All the affairs about unloading cargo and installation shall be borne by vendors. After the arrival of machinery, buyers shall notify vendors. Vendors are obligated to unconditionally give the assistance of installation, together with technical training and guidance.

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  • 小咪
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    5 年前

    Sellers has provided warranty period for one-year, during above, except natural disasters, such as force majeure or man-made factors, improper should be operation, the seller shall repair for free. Improper use or not using the seller's authorized factory parts and maintenance, Seller need to reserves the right to terminate the warranty liability.

    About unloading and installation of domestic matters, buyer is responsible for. Machinery in place, the buyer notified the seller, the seller unconditionally assist installation and technical training guide

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