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求英文翻譯下3句: 1. 此產品的不良問題,經過查證後為人為作業上的疏失。 2. 被禁止使用的材料沒有確實的被管制。 3. 為了避免同樣的問題再發生,我們將塑膠製品徹底清除丟棄。 另外關於「清除」的適當單字 例如:將家中含有塑膠製品的玩具全部清除,這裡的「清除」該用什麼單字呢?

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  • 5 年前

    (1)The defective question on products is found ,after checking, by the manual operation's oversight.

    (2)The prohibition of use of material in not properly regulated.

    (3)To prevent similar problems recurring, we'll remove&discard all plastic products. An appropriate word for "clear" would be "removed".

  • 5 年前


    The defects of problematic products have been found. After inspection, it is manual oversight.


    Raw materials forbidden to be used cannot be well monitored and controlled.

    3. 為了避免同樣的問題再發生,我們將塑膠製品徹底清除丟棄。

    To avoid recurring identical problems, we will thoroughly remove and abandon these plastic products.