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湘涵 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前

多元化的 English 拜託啦 熱鬧的 EngIish?

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  • 5 年前

    To the letter of credit (湘涵)

    (1)Language:-The language of Britain, the usa, the Australia, The Canada,Japanese English.Of or related to English as a language.She (The Japanese) read English at Oxford. (=read,read,read.reading.)Japan-English Grammar.

    (2)Literature:-English language and Literature as a subject of study.(at Oxford U.)

    (3)The variety and enthusiatic on your 湘涵 posting English:-Belonging to England, to people etc. an English village near the lake poetry father is English, but your mother is Japanese, they are both naturally British.,informally belonging to Britian, its people.

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