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詢問各位英文達人中翻英問題: " 隨著平安夜即將來臨,家中成員也紛紛到齊準備享用平安夜大餐,雖然都在外地忙著事業但家人間的心緊緊繫在一起,願大家健健康康 事事順心,聖誕節快樂" " 林氏家族''?

2 個解答

  • 5 年前

    ---Christmas Eve is coming. Almost members of my family descended from a common anscestor have arrived ready to enjoy Christmas Eve dinner. Although collectively we have outside business career engagement, my familys' hearts are closely connected with together.

    ---Wishing you all good health in everything.Merry Christmas.

    ---Lin family.

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  • Jenkin
    Lv 7
    5 年前

    "As Christmas Eve approaching, members of the family are gathering to prepare for the Christmas Eve dinner, even those family members working far away have their heart connected. Wishing all good health and prosperity. Merry Christmas." From the Lxx family.

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