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all a means to an end 這句中文的意思??? 有例句嗎??

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    1. "a means to an end"是一個很中性的俗語.是指"達到某個目的的作法".加上"all"就有了"無奈"的意味.


    Lives are all a means to an end to prove that God is great.

    (所有的生命到後來不都只是用來證明 神的偉大的工具嗎?)

    2. 另一句:The end justifies the means.意思就霸道很多了.但是他有:

    A) the end通常都有正義/正當的意味.而不是隨隨便便,自私自利的目的.


    這句話,與 "為達目的,不擇手段" 應該還是相當不同的.

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    All a means to an end

    一切都是為達目的(end)的手段/方法(means),另一解釋即是 "為達目的,不擇手段"

    a means to an end 是常見idiom

    I didn't ​particularly like the ​job - it was just a means to an end.



    a means to an end 也衍生了另一句話, the end justifies the means

    套用在台灣的選舉上,所有的攻訐謾罵,栽贓抹黑,買票賄選,all a means to an end



    1.) 一切都是為達目的(end)的手段/方法(means),

    2.) "為達目的,不擇手段"

    a means to an end 實際運用上有許多變化形式,適用1.) 的解釋較多,正面負面都有。運用在政治評論上,則貶要多於褒。


    Now not all good bluffing recipes need to use packet and premade products either, some are just damn simple and do the job. Just remember it's all a means to an end but if a little extra work or time means more brownie points it may be just worth it in the end.

    --- A Blokes Guide to Cooking "The Ultimate Bluffers Guide" By Lambert Rowst

    It wasn't just gold that he was interested in, however. He traded everything with equal acumen and self-assurance. But it was all a means to an end. It was all a part of his overall strategy of acquisition. He wanted to control those sectors that were the most vital to the functioning of industrial society on this planet.

    ---Bright Light City: An Elvis Novel By Michael Hodjera