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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 4 年前

英文翻譯成中文?? 不要google或是其他爛翻譯軟體直翻的?

Quick Stop Pharmacy is a small family-owned drug compounding business in Portland Oregon that is trying to perfect its customer service operations. John Suleiman, the owner wants to maximize the productivity of his staff as well as serve customers well. One area of concern is the drive-thru operation during the 7:30-8:30 morning rush hour. The process of fulfilling an order is as follows:

a) If all the steps are handled by one employee, how many patients could be served per hour?

b) If James wants to process 30 patients per hour, how many employees will he need?

c) How many stations are required using the longest work element decision rule?

d) Using the solution developed in part c, which station is the bottleneck and how large is its capacity cushion?

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  • 4 年前

    快停藥房是位於奧勒岡州波特蘭一家小型的家庭式複合藥房,其經營是要提供完善的客服。藥房店東John Suleiman要將員工的生產力最大化並提供客戶良好的服務。其中一個重點是在早晨7:30-8:30的尖峯期間,經營免下車快速購藥服務,售藥服務的過程考慮如下:

    a) 若所有服務站的服務全部由一個員工處理,每個小時可服務多少個病人呢?

    b) 若James每個小時要服務30個病人時,需要多少員工呢?

    c) 採用耗費最長時間的工作要素決策規則時,需要多少個服務站呢?

    d) 採用C部份開發的解決方案時,那個服務站是瓶頸其工作緩衝量多大呢?

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