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    First, my friend and I to train the monkey cave, there is a cat village said, there are a lot of cats in this, not in the past, when almost all see them sleeping, really super cute. Then we bought a day trip train ticket, the day can be an unlimited number of train, we take a stroll to Jingtong Street, along the road to see a lot of wishing bamboo hanging on the wall, so we bought a write to each other then the desire to hang on the wall, then we walk 20 minutes to the road from Jingtong Pinghsi, there are many Pinghsi trafficking day lamp stores, but we do not have a long stroll in Pinghsi, and again to catch the train to the very . One to ten, particularly large crowd, we see many tourists from different countries, such as China as well as Koreans come here to pilgrimage, on the very streets of the tracks, visitors can see many pictures of the discharge lamp day, although we I would like to put, but when the train along the way will see a lot of light in the sky or a tree falling in a stream, and therefore did not follow everyone put. Came out, mainly to see the great waterfall, we walked on foot, about 30 minutes, quite tired, but to see Taiwan's largest waterfall in front, I felt very worthwhile waterfall is open only until 16:00 time and a half, it is recommended to go ahead, in addition to the waterfall, bridge can go out there, beautiful scenery. The journey is very rich, worth visiting not only good scenery, come here can feel very relaxed, and I hope to go there more visitors want to find out the idea!