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We can find almost all the information A we need ________ surfing the Internet. (A) by (B) for (C) with (D) since 請問by跟with該怎麼區分呢?

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  • Louis
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    4 年前

    If you do something "with" a particular tool, object, or substance, you do it (by) using that tool, object, or substance.

    如:Remove the meat "with" a fork and divide it and cover "with" brandy.

    If you achieve one thing "by" doing another thing, your action enables you to achieve the first thing.

    你問的句子裡應該用介系詞by,因為屬於第二種狀況: to find information ... by surfing the Internet.(by +動名詞;with + 名詞;動名詞指的是一個行為)