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Q1 The deadline for the job application is today, so you really ___B_____ finish filling out all the forms right away.

(A) need

(B) must

(C) could

(D) would

Q2.A: Why weren't you in the conference call this morning?

B: I __C___ my daughter to a doctor's appointment, but Elena recorded it so I'll be able to catch up on everything this afternoon

(A) needed to take

(B) must take

(C) would have taken

(D) should take

Q3.A: Could we postpone the meeting until after all the data has been analyzed?

B: I think ___C___ would be a great idea.

(A) that

(B) those

(C) this

(D) these

Q4 We really __A___our latest kid's fashion line earlier in the year to take fullest advantage of back-to-school shopping.

(A) would have released

(B) can have released

(C) should have released

(D) will have released

Q5. ___D___ maximum profits, a company should streamline operations and standardize manufacturing whenever possible.

(A) Maintained

(B) If we maintain

(C) Maintaining

(D) To maintain

Q6. Due to our current fiscal situation, additional funds __A____ from our investors.

(A) are being acquired

(B) are acquiring

(C) have acquired

(D) we acquire

Q7. __D__ while I'm out, please tell him I will be available to meet him for lunch tomorrow.

(A) If Omar is calling

(B) If Omar will call

(C) If Omar has called

(D) If Omar calls

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  • Jenkin
    Lv 7
    4 年前

    Q1: Yes.

    Q2: A [A是質問他為何沒出席今早會議,B回答是解釋"他需要帶女兒去看醫生,不是他請假"希望"帶女兒去看醫生"]

    Q3: A [那建議還未發生,因此一般會用that is a good idea來表達同意別人的提議。假如所討論的是當下要做的事,例如why don't to pick up the package now.才會說this is a good idea.因為要做的事是就在眼前。]

    Q4: C [should have ...是表達"早就應該",內容是指"應該早在年初"(earlier in the year)推出才有作用,現在已太遲;would have是表達"希望"/"預料",所以跟內容意思不乎。]

    Q5: Yes.

    Q6: Yes.

    Q7: Yes.


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