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請問英文高手以下問題的答案解析: (D)1.The 「 」 is trying to exhort the villagers to live better lives. (A)police (B)clergy (C)policemen clergyman?

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  • Louis
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    4 年前

    本句的動詞是is trying,在邏輯上應該是「一個人」試圖在向村民勸說。

    the police/the clergy都是集合名詞,當複數使用,而policemen則是複數名詞,所以都與動詞不一致。

    只有(D) clergyman是單數名詞,能與動詞一致。

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  • 4 年前

    (C) policemen +clergyman.

    Analysis to Question:-

    The one clergyman is to try very hard to persuade the villagers to move to the New Town to live a better lives (eg);but he needs the policemen to try very hard to move them out by police force to maintain law and order,not hurting the one clergyman also.

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