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In this paragraph, which word means "what the product comes in"?

Instead Mr Mateschitz launched the brand by persuading students to drive around in Minis and Beetles with a Red Bull can strapped on top, or to throw Red Bull parties around weird and wonderful themes. The company's only advertisements are a series of whimsical television cartoons. Red Bull's marketing folk gloat that a recent British survey described their product as a “non-marketed brand”.It takes lots of marketing to sustain that illusion. Mr Mateschitz spent three years developing the drink's image, its packaging and its low-key, grassroots marketing strategy before testing the product on the Austrian market in 1987. He now ploughs around 35 precent of turnover into marketing. However, its carefully nurtured brand faces several challenges. It is now a mass-market product and its first generation of users is growing older. “ We need to get a new generation of 16-year-olds on board every year,” says Mr. Mateschitz. Those who are no longer students are still users, even if they drink less and for different reasons. That suggests another challenge. “ It makes no sense to build a company on one product.” So far he has largely isolated the Red Bull brand. To launch three new-age health drinks, he set up a separate company.

In this paragraph, which word means "what the product comes in"?

(A) Image

(B) Packaging

(C) Turnover

(D) Low-key


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    Ans: B

    product comes in = product is available in

    1.) ...comes in a plastic bottle / aerosol spray can / squeeze tube / tin can

    2.) ...product comes in 6 different colors