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liu 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 4 年前

[英翻中] In 2016, we are approaching the end of one of those periodic bouts of excitement.?

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  • 琴研
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    4 年前

    [註解]此句有上文。在CIO刊載的這篇《Calling all coders: is AI coming for your job?》開篇提到說,人工智能將會取代人們工作,這引發了人們的狂熱和猜疑。(This triggers a mix of enthusiasm and paranoia.)但在這些人形機器沒有辦法如預期完成工作後,大家都從那股狂熱興奮中變得冷靜,回到工作。(But after the humanoid machines fail to materialize as predicted, everyone calms down and gets back to work.)而緊接著下文就是您提取的這句話。


    [下文](之所以説接近尾聲是因為人們意識到人工智能不一定是説給IT工作帶來便利,而是會搶走他們的IT工作飯碗。)興奮消失,恐慌開始,這是由牛津大學在2013出版的關於人工智能將取代人類工作的報告。This is the one triggered by the 2013 report from Frey and Osborne at Oxford University, who analysed lots of U.S. jobs and formed some conclusions about the likelihood of those jobs being replaced by computers.


    .The resultant paranoia led Google’s Eric Schmidt to warn everyone about it at Davos in January 2014.


    And The Economist weighed in, too, saying “The effect of today’s technology on tomorrow’s jobs will be immense – and no country is ready for it

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