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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 4 年前

中翻英:為什麼大家都可以輕而易舉的對自己說 盡力了?是當我們受挫向前撲倒時,別人攙扶著你而給予肯定的評價,但也相對於限制了,自己對於自己能力、氣度的想像。?

3 個解答

  • 4 年前

    為什麼大家都可以輕而易舉的對自己說 盡力了?

    Why in the world, people always easily told themselves that they have done their best?

    [it should] 是當我們受挫向前撲倒時,別人攙扶著你而給予肯定的評價,

    It should only be said when you stumble and some one is recognizing your effort while holding you up.


    Once used by any for self comforting, it implicitly places a limitation on his temperament, and capability.

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  • 4 年前

    Why do we all can easily say to their best? Is when we threw forward threw himself, others arm and give you a positive evaluation, but also relative to the limit, their own ability, tolerance of the imagination. ??

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  • YIP
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    4 年前

    Is it rather easy for us to say that we had already tried hard by ourselves ?

    When we stumbled and fell and then somebody assisted you by lifting up while given a definite compassion. In view of that, the limits of your temper and physical strength were to be reconsidered. Yip

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