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請問we get ours at night 的中文翻譯?

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  • Kookie
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    4 年前


    這句話源自拉丁文,NOX MEA AUXILIATRIX EST (Night is my alley)。原句是美國海軍戰鬥機中隊的隊呼,可溯源自第二次世界大戰太平洋戰役。當時單引擎螺旋槳戰鬥機並未配備電子導航系統,無線電通訊能力也極有限。海軍艦載機中隊,需具備全天候,任何天氣狀況下都能起飛戰鬥,而夜間飛行員自然又要比白日更top gun.

    以下摘自 "The Gutsy Stomach Walker", 作者 Joe Welzen

    That is our squadron motto. Read and say the Latin words slowly: NOX-MEA-AUXILIA-EST. The first time I read it, I was puzzled and asked one of the senior members of the squadron what it meant. He jokingly tells me, "We are a night fighter outfit and the words mean: 'we get ours at night.'"


    Really the Latin words translate to a more purposeful meaning such as "night is my alley," (night is my helper). Use any one of those meanings, for night is truly our aid.

    People who see that Black Cat patch will know who you are and what you do. To be blunt, we night fighter pilots are awesome. At this time, we are the best in the fleet.

    we get ours at night


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  • 4 年前

    have a good night

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