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  • Gary
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    1. Accreditation is a complex topic that involves multiple parties.

    The national government does not usually accredit institutions. Instead, the government only evaluate institutions for government funding, student aids and other legal purposes.

    Institutions usually rely on outside accreditation organizations. However, the reputation of the organizations impact the true value of the accreditation.

    In case of professional areas, industry groups or societies will further accredit the program to the extent of admitting new professionals.

    2. The easiest way to determine a private school's accreditation is through any professional programs offered.

    Taken BCPS as an example, its LLB program is not accredited by Solicitors Regulation Authority, a self-regulatory organization for lawyers in the U.K. Instead, taking a closer look with BCPS's LLB program, it is a partner program with Nottingham Trent University (NTU). NTU's LLB program is indeed accredited by Solicitors Regulation Authority.

    So to determine how credible BCPS in term of LLB, you will have to check with NTU's LLB program and see if such partnership exists. If not, then you know how truthworthy BCPS is.