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英文底子真的很不好,這篇完,還有五篇要改,加上我每個禮拜會練兩篇 題目:Losing Weight Looking at the junk food on the table,Jack suddenly thoughts if he loses weight ------>?

successfully,he would looks handsome.Therefore,he went to the gym every day for losing weight.

Because Jack went to the gym every day,a match girl named Mary saw he such effort for losing weight,a month later,Mary active expressed her love for Jack ;thus,she became Jack's girl friend .Five months later,Jack and Mary were losing weight successfully.This story tell us ,if we to stick it out ,we would success in the end.

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  • 3 年前

    真的是 很不好!

    Losing Weight:

    Looking at the naked man in the mirror, Jack started wondering if that man would look cute after losing a few pounds. Jack, then put his foot down and hit the gym each and every single day. Mary, a chubby girl that Jack met in the gym everyday, happened to make up her mind in the same way was so moved by Jack's diligence. So, they hang out often and finally fell in love with each other. After five months into the relationship, both have lost 50 pounds.

    The morale of this story is that go to a good gym, if you need to lose weight and look for a new boy friend.

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