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? 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 4 年前

Write one paragraph about "how to write a good paragraph.?"?

prewrite(Freewriting)(Listing)> outline >first draft>final draft

topic sentence

(The topic & The controlling idea)

supporting sentence

(Facts, details, reasons, examples / Personal experience, stories, anecdotes, examples from your life)

concluding sentence


Add this in the paragraph. PLS

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  • 4 年前

    "How to write a good paragraph w/o prewrite"

    ------------A Visit to the Art Museum--------

    (Topic sentence&the controlling ideas)

    ----We paid a visit to the HK Art Museum due to the anniversary of our xxxCollege.

    (Supporting sentence;Functions;Facts;details,reasons)

    ----The Art Club had suit and met the needs of the different tastes&preferences of the Club Members.

    (Personal experience,stories, anecdotes,eg.)

    ----When we arrived we knew the exhibits ranged from western masterpieces to European comics.Classical paintings were seen with their themes extracted from myths, legends&even the Holy Bible.While admiring the masterpieces&posters, we could also learn the respective historical&cultural backgrounds.

    (anecdotes,real events,eg from daily life)

    -----Surprisingly,comics that are prevalent in any age are like a mirror reflecting its contemporary culture and art ,like the anecdote comic from HK called "Wind and Cloud Duel)

    (Concluding sentence to conclude anecdote)

    ------We decided to photocopy them in order to decorate our classroom Art Board which is called "Imaginative&Creativity".

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    • ?4 年前檢舉 ~_~ I mean help me write one paragraph about "how to write a good paragraph.?"
      It’s easy to write an academic paragraph if you follow these steps in the writing process.First of all,the writing process has prewrite ........................

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