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請各位幫我想一篇英文作文,大概是120個字,題目是Gay mariage should be legalized. 我想寫支持?

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    4 年前

    Gay marriage should be legalized or not has been under a long-term discussion law. However, it is not completely recognized until now.

    Actually, this is purely a personal cognitive behavior. It is harmless to any others else, in addition to their parents. Supposing that as a person, you can not even put your emotion on some subjects, but get to be under a legal approval. So, what is the real human rights?

    Once I had ever heard a news from the Internet, there was a man who married with his lovely dog. That kind of soul mate might be discriminated. Nevertheless, it reminds people to be honest to one's own feeling.


    同性婚姻應該合法化與否, 一直是長久討論的一個法則。然而,到目前為止還沒有完全被認可。




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