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  • 4 年前


    Dudes, this is xxx, an 18 year old from the great city of Hsinchu.

    我是(?) 單親家庭,<<-----(句點,不是逗點) 我有兩個哥哥和一個妹妹,<<-----(句點,不是逗點)

    I come from a single parent family with 2x elder bros and 1x younger sister.


    My eldest sibling lives with my dad while the other elder brother, my sister and myself are with my mom.


    My mom works for xxx restaurant responsible for room management.


    I am with xx technical college, major in nursing, and looking forward to be a nurse to care for patients hands-on as well as my family.


    I enjoy reading, musics, motion pictures, and painting, in addition to baking. It makes me super happy to be recognized for the food I make and serve.


    For the next four years or so, I want to join extra curricula, clubs in and out of the school, to make new friends, and to travel around. Finally, I will study hard to make my college life more exciting.

    Very true indeed - study on Friday nights is very exciting for sure, kiddo.


  • 4 年前

    My name is xxx, 18 years old, I come from Hsinchu, I am single-parent family, I have two brothers and a sister, my brother followed my father, brother, my sister and I followed her. My mother is a housekeeper in xxx restaurant. I am now studying at the xx University of Technology, majoring in nursing, I hope the future can do in the hospital caregiver, to take care of the patient, but also with the knowledge learned to take care of the health of his family. My interest is reading novels, listening to music, watching movies and drawing, in addition to these, I do dessert, cake is very interested in their own food can be praised by others, I will be very happy. In the next four years, I hope I can participate in school activities, associations, new friends, to travel around, the last effort to study, let my college life wonderful.

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    4 年前

    I am xxxxx,18 years of age and living in Sun Chak County.As far as family members being concerned, I have parents, two elder brothers and one younger sister . Owing to some reasons, my father lives with

    my two elder brothers while my mother, who is working as cooking assistant in a restaurant, living with my younger sister and I. As I am being a single parent mother and study in xxx University of Technology and major in aftercare and do hope I will be a specialist can look after the health of patients and my family so as to fulfill my hopes. As regard to my interest, I like reading novels,listening music, watching Television and paintings; besides that, I like to make snacks especially cakes with which I feel rather proud of if there is someone's applause. Furthermore, I would like to spend four more years to participate in different kinds of activities held in and out of the University so as to make the acquaintance of others and joining tours for sightseeing. Finally, I would try my best to study and enjoy the period of activities while stayed in the University. Yip

  • 4 年前