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will await跟will be waiting跟will wait有差異嗎?

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  • Louis
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    3 年前

    If you "await" someone or something, you "wait for" them.

    Something that "awaits" you is going to happen or come to you in the future.

    When you "wait for" something or someone, you spend some time doing very little, because you cannot act until that thing happens or that person arrives.

    If something "is waiting for" you, it is ready for you to use, have, or do.

    He is waiting the opportunity to act.正確(及物動詞)。

    I am waiting my turn.正確。

    但 I "wait" him.是錯誤的。受詞是「人」或「具體事物」時,應用動詞片語"wait for"(這時wait屬非及物動詞,需要使用介系詞才能接受詞)。

    will + root verb =未來式(時態)

    will be + present participle =未來進行式(時態)

    所以will wait, will await, will be waiting在「時態」和「用法」有些不同。前兩者是未來式,後者是未來進行式。

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