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<英文翻譯寫信,中翻英> 可以請大大幫忙翻譯嗎?謝絕翻譯軟體,原意大致如下: 我今天收到包裹了,但DHL向我收取了16英鎊的關稅,妳們不能像以前使用Royal Mail寄出包裹嗎? 感謝大大們!?

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  • Simon
    Lv 5
    4 年前

    I receive the parcel delivered by DHL today, compared to the past, DHL charged me to pay 16 pounds for the customs duty which I used not to pay here. Could you next time send my parcels through Royal Mail as before.

  • YIP
    Lv 7
    4 年前

    I'm in receipt of the parcel dispatched by DHL today; as the result,needed to pay 16 pounds tariff. In that case, I want to ask could you do that by Royal Mail as usually before? Yip

  • 4 年前

    我今天收到包裹了,但DHL向我收取了16英鎊的關稅,妳們不能像以前使用Royal Mail寄出包裹嗎? 感謝大大們

    I had received the package today, but DHL charged me a tariff of 16 pounds, Can’t you deliver packages by Royal Mail as before? Thanks.