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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 3 年前

請幫我將以下這些文字翻譯英文!謝謝 你好嗎? 台灣現在天氣算冷,16~20,不過韓國應該更冷!而我回到台灣第一件事,就是跑去吃台灣食物,懷念台灣食物味道~這張明信片風景,是在台灣嘉義阿里山的日出畫面,很美.有機會你來台灣時,帶你去看.祝你度過愉快每一天!?

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  • 3 年前

    謝謝 你好嗎?

    Thanks and how are you!


    It has been quite cool in Taiwan, somewhere in between 16-20 Celsius, although Korea must have been colder!


    As for me, the very first thing I did after arriving at Taiwan, was pigging out. I dearly love the flavors of Taiwanese foods.


    This is a photo postcard of Taiwan scenery.


    It is the super beautiful sun rise at Mt. Ali of Jiayee.


    I will be happy to show you around there if you could come to Taiwan for a visit.


    Thank you and I wish you a nice day.

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  • Simon
    Lv 5
    3 年前

    Now, the temperature we feel is cold here in Taiwan, and it is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius these days. I know that in your country, without doubt, having much colder temperature than we have here in Taiwan. After went back to Taiwan, the first thing I did was eat traditional palatable foods to relieve the haunting memory of Taiwanese foods. The scenery of this postcard taken from a sun rise at Alishan Mountain is really beautiful. We’ll lead you to the place next time when you have chance to come to Taiwan. Finally, may God bless you having a great day every day.

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  • 3 年前

    How are you? It's pretty cold in Taiwan, approximately 16~20°C. But I assume that Korea is colder. The first thing I did when I backed in Taiwan is to eat Taiwanese food. I missed their flavor so much! The scene on this postcard is the sunrise of Ali Mountain which is located in Giayi, Taiwan. It's beautiful! If you have chance to come to Taiwan, I will show you! Have a nice day!

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