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智文 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 3 年前

if would 的文法問題?


If you would marry me, all the property would be yours.

if you would marry me 這句話有出現在電影How to train your dragon 2的歌詞中,我想請問這if條件句中的would是表示禮貌的特例嗎?實際上有人使用嗎?

3 個解答

  • 3 年前

    If:-You use if in conditional sentence to say event or situation might happen

    eg:-She gets upset if I exclude her from the party.

    eg:-What I did was right and if I had done anything wrong it would have been right.

    eg:-Are you a student with a skill for coming up with great ideas? If so, we would love to hear from you.

    You can use if in polite requests at the beginning of a clause when you ask someone to do something.

    eg:-I wonder if I might have a word with Mr.Dragon ?

    eg:-I wonder if you would be kind enough to give me some iNFO ?

    eg:-If you married, I would stay happy; all the property would be yours.

    Nobody would use it for marriage.

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    3 年前

    1. 對未來極大懷疑,條件子句不分人稱與數,一律用should(should在這裡不含有應該的意思):

    If you "should" marry me, all the property would be yours.(我根本不敢相信你會跟我結婚,完全無望,所以條件是虛構的)


    2. I would be very grateful if you "would" grant my request.(這是比較委婉的請託,用假設語氣動詞組,表示我尚抱有一線希望)see p.1607《新世紀英漢辭典》

    If you "would" marry me, all the property would be yours.(用would,因我對跟你結婚這件事尚抱有一線希望。這也是假設語氣動詞組,但屬於一種委婉的要求)

    "Would" you marry me?(用假設語氣動詞組,以表示委婉的請求:可以嗎?)

    "Will" you marry me?(用直述語氣動詞組,口氣直接了當)

    • 智文3 年前檢舉

      閣下的理解跟我的很相似,不過"marry me前面是will還是would?"這件事問100個人有95個會說用will
      可能是避免confusing也同時表現出意圖堅決,所以用will or should/could
      但是有時候還是會聽到 if sb would V 的句型出現,所以才想知道到底native speaker說不說這種句型


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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    3 年前

    If it rains tomorrow .I will stay home. 未来假設句,發生机率50%。另改寫之未來句,發生机率萬分之一。例如: If it should rain tomorrow, I would stay home.這種用法是幾乎不可能發生。若是本句寫法If you would marry me, all would be yours. 就單純的指與現在事實相反的假設句。所以就不能翻成如果未耒嫁始我,所有財產就歸妳。

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