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22.Despite the resounding triumph of the sports team, the quarterback was not happy because his crucial contributions _____.

(A) went unacknowledged (B) were recognized in public (C) went unconfirmed (D) were given due credit

23.The jaw-dropping moves of the acrobat _____ are worth the admission fee of the circus ticket.

(A) alone (B) only (C) merely (D) solely

25.The mourners paying respect to the dead in a funeral usually greet the family of the deceased by saying, "My _____."

(A) apologies (B) comfort (C) consolation (D) condolences

26.Jenny is eager to go to the Pissarro _____ in order to learn more about hnpressionist art

(A) fair (B) exhibition (C) exposition (D) display

27.The strategic position of the Pacific _____ assumes increasing importance as the economy in the region continues to boom.

(A) Rim (B) Edge (C) Margin (D) Brim


28.The _____ - view mirror has misted over as the heavy fog rose, greatly reducing visibility on the highway

(A) behind (B) after (C) rear (D) back

29.The prodigy is generally acknowledged to be a _____ genius, being able to perfonn Paganini brilliantly at the tender age of five.

(A) overripe (B) premature (C) precocious (D) overcooked

30.Select the least proper answer. Much to his _____, Henry overslept and missed the appointment of the job interview.

(A) dismay (B) disappointment (C) disillusionment (D) chagrin

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  • Kookie
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    22. (A) went unacknowledged

    23. (A) alone

    25. (D) condolences

    26. (B) exhibition

    27. (A) Rim

    28. (C) rear

    29. (C) precocious

    30. (C) disillusionment

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