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6.After succeeding _____ assassinating the reigning monarch, the general succeeded _____ the throne.

(A) all/in (B) in/for (C) on/at (D) in/to

7.Finding that the joke was told _____ his expense, the good-natured Joe sighed, "Guess the joke is _____ me again!"

(A) at/on (B) for/ at (C) about/ for (D) in/ about

16.The new device is easy to handle as long as you follow the instructions _____.

(A) to a fault (B) to the letter (C) into the bargain (D) beside the point

17._____ by the honest appearance of the salesman, the old lady bought a counterfeit gold coin.

(A) Perceived (B) Received (C) Conceived (D) Deceived

18.If history is any _____ every conquest of the tenacious city is bound to be temporary.

(A) implication (B) complication (C) indication (D) identification

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  • Kookie
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    3 年前

    6. (D)

    7. (A)

    16. (B)

    17. (D)

    18. (C)

    • C is the best answer for 18.

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  • 3 年前

    6. D

    7. A

    16. B

    17. D

    18. C

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