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正祥 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 3 年前


請問有at least the的用法嗎;

我在文章中看到了at least the free fall and floating.


2 個解答

  • Kookie
    Lv 5
    3 年前



    at least (the free fall and floating).

    合理的解釋是the (定冠詞),指此一 free fall and floating.


    1.) 高空跳傘,未拉開傘具前

    Once all were set, we flew and then we jumped from 4240m height. I didn't even get time to scream and before that the jump was done. After that I was busy enjoying the view and enjoying the thrill of the free fall and floating. It was an truly amazing experience with an equally spectacular view.

    2.) 財務金融: They never made money again, but at least the free fall into bankruptcy was slowed to a rough tumble.

    free fall (價格暴跌),floating (在市場上公開標售),兩個字都可用在商務上。

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    3 年前

    只有at least或at the least這兩種片語,沒有你所問的at least the。

    You can use "at least" to say that something is the minimum that is true or possible.

    at least = 至少

    at least A and B =至少(有/包括/....)A和B

    A= the free fall(自由落體)

    B = floating(在水中飄浮)


    At the least, I needed some sleep.

    They didn't like the magazine very much, but they bought it or, at the least, borrowed it form each other.

    We've no idea what his state of health is but at least we know he is still alive.

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