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家馳 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 3 年前

請各位幫忙一下我有篇英文報告要做,可是小弟是英文白癡,想請各位幫幫忙:)) 題目是我在海軍的願景(因為小弟讀海軍官校快畢業)每段大概100-150個字 希望回答的人 能夠把英文和中文都打出來 跟我的意思越接近的人就選你當最佳解答囉~ 1.決定 2.過程 3.堅持 4.蛻變?

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  • 3 年前

    ----Navy Officers College graduation will closest to my will150.

    (1)Decision:-(2)Process,(3)Persistence,(4)Change of form--metamorphosis

    The right decision, the physical strong, the persistence in training,An admiral is the most senior naval officer, commanding the whole navy,fleet of war-ships to attack across the strait.I try to be one of them.I succeed if I rise to the highest position in the Navy Officer Career I have chosen from a recruit to succeed.Success or failure depends entirely on my own efforts. Nothing succeed like success.

    (2)Process:-series of training course of actions, obedience to seniors especially deliberately undertaken aiming at me.;unloading cargoes;learn required information on Radar put through the system in order to warn enemy to retreat.

    (3)Persistence:-In spite of argument,opposition to Instructors,one is doing one's belief in Navy;continue to work hard under the Instructors' presure and power.Once a gunner to fire an error missle to mainland China,have got an attack of torpedo from submarine.My persistence to drive the fast warship a U turn and so saved the crew.

    (4)metamorphosis-the change of form:-My character,growth, development have changed for the good in the life of a naval officer. The social and political that has occured in China has yet to be seen as an officer in command of my country's warships,fleet and squadron in my naval ranking.

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