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原本工程進度就落後的臺北市藝術中心(Taipei Performing Arts Center)興建工程, 在承包商無預警申請破產後,昨突宣布停工。該公司執行長昨日發信給員工,抱怨 該工程技術上的複雜度超過預期,以及市府加諸公共基礎建設的限制,他指出這些 因素加上該公司的財務問題是未能完工的原因。

The Taipei Performing Arts Center building engineering was already delayed, the contractor announced stopped the work after declaring bankruptcy without waring yesterday. The company chief sent a mail to the staff yesterday, complained the complicated engineering technology was over estimate, and city hall limited the public infrastructure, it’s the reason for failure to complete the above factors and the company’s financial problem.

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  • Jenkin
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    4 年前

    The construction works of the Taipei Performance Arts Center had been delayed, and now the main contractor had declared bankruptcy without warning, the whole project came to a stop yesterday. In the letter to employee by the CEO of the main contractor company, he complained the technical complexity is not as expected, and that city hall (city government/city authority) imposed constrains on the public facilities requirements. He pointed out these factors in addition to the financial issues of his company are the reasons for unable to complete the job.

  • 呆子
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    4 年前

    The construction of Taipei Performing Arts Center is behind the schedule . The contractor announces to suspend the construction and apply for bankruptcy without any clue. The Ceo of this company sent emails to his employees and complained that the complication of the technology was beyond the expectation as well as the city government set up the limitations on the basic construction. He pointed out those factors as above. In addition , the construction has not been completed because of the finance problem of the company.

  • 4 年前

    你寫得好爛喔! 好像是小學2年級寫的.

    原本工程進度就落後的臺北市藝術中心興建工程, 在承包商無預警申請破產後,昨突宣布停工。

    Amid the accumulating construction delay of the Taipei Performing Arts Center, the contractor suspended all construction work after filing for bankruptcy protection without any warnings.

    該公司執行長昨日發信給員工,抱怨 該工程技術上的複雜度超過預期,以及市府加諸公共基礎建設的限制,

    In a letter to the employees, company CEO blamed, yesterday, the overwhelming engineering complexity, in addition to the unforgiving requirements on public infrastructures by the city.

    他指出這些 因素加上該公司的財務問題是未能完工的原因。

    These causes, he claimed, on the top of the financial issues of the company were the last straws.