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10. I would rather _____ anything about collecting claims until my insurance agents investigate the situation.

(A) not to do (B) not do (C) don’t do (D) did not do

31. Pickup trucks are easy to load and unload, and they can carry very tall and bulky objects. But they have a number of limitations. As with a conventional cab, seating is limited to three people. Also, the cargo area is unprotected from the elements and from thieves. Which of the following will happen if it rains on a pickup truck?

(A) Cargo will get wet.

(B) The passengers will be robbed.

(C) More than three passengers will be squeezed together.

(D) A cab will have to be called to protect the passengers..

32. 38-year-old Richard Strazo floats in a Dead Sea bath several times a month to get relief from psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that causes his skin to scale and become inflamed. A Dead Sea bath seemed like a last resort. Which of the following statements is correct?

(A) It seemed that the effect of a Dead Sea bath could last very long.

(B) It seemed a Dead Sea bath could help Richard Strazo, so he goes for it frequently.

(C) Richard Strazo preferred other treatments to a Dead Sea bath.

(D) Richard Strazo went to Dead Sea for his last trip.


9. Recently, there have been several outbreaks of disease like legionnaire’s syndrome, and doctors don’t know _____.

(A) what is the cause (B) the cause is what

(C) what the cause (D) what the cause is

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34. Many called Mystic River’s Tim Robbins the man to beat for best-supporting actor. That was true, and no one did.

Which of the following statements is true?

(A) Tim Robbins is an actor to be blamed in Mystic River.

(B) Many people said Tim Robbins had fought with another actor.

(C) It was true that no one supported Tim Robbins.

(D) Tim Robbins got the award of the best supporting actor.

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  • 3 年前

    10 - B

    31 - A

    32 - B

    9 - D

    34 - D

    33 - C

    35 - A

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  • 3 年前


    33. McCain was impressed. “The man came to the job with no agenda, no ulterior motives, and no ambition except to clean up this terrible mess,” he says. “I have not met a man in my role as head of the commerce committee of higher integrity than Bill Martin. He brought stability to chaos.” Which of the following statements is true?

    (A) McCain is the person who has cleaned up the terrible mess.

    (B) Martin is the head of the commerce committee.

    (C) McCain praises Martin for his integrity.

    (D) Martin’s arrival led the situation into chaos.

    35. The Return of the King, the final chapter of the monumental trilogy ran rings around the competition, going 11 for 11 at the Oscars. The “ring” sweep tied an academy record for most trophies and gave Peter Jackson his first Oscar for directing.

    Which of the following statements is true?

    (A) The Return of the King is the last one of the three movies about the story of the “ring.”

    (B) The Return of the King used rings to compete with other films.

    (C) None of the other films in the history has won as many as 11 Oscar trophies.

    (D) Peter Jackson won his first Oscar award for his outstanding acting.

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