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峻佑 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 3 年前

am/is/are going to+p.p. ...was/were+give....... ...was/were+seen+to V ...was/were+made+to V 有人可以幫我造嗎?

am/is/are going to+p.p.


...was/were+seen+to V

...was/were+made+to V


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  • 3 年前

    Person and number shows the conjugation of the verb"go" in person,, number and tense,mood:-eg:-

    Tense for simple present "continuous":-eg:-

    I am going---She is going---They are going.

    Tense for simple past:-eg:-

    She was----They were.

    She was giving some money away.

    They were giving some money away.

    Tense for Past Continuous Tense?:-

    She was giving---

    They were giving---


    The subject of the verb in each of the sentences is the receiver (Not doer) of the action:-passive voice ---> active voice.

    She was beaten by them in streetTW.

    They were seen fighting in streetTW.

    The sight was seen by visitorsTW to visit as a notable place.

    The suspected girl was seen to enter the 101.building.

    She was seen running away from the scene.

    They were seen fighting for the money !!!!!


    The window was broken.

    The cars made for TW was from Japan.We had better turn and made one for home TW.


    make for somebody/ something:-eg:-

    For singular:-eg:-

    When the rest period came, everyone made for the toilet.

    Does early rising made for good health for them ?

    The improved lid of this jam-jar made for them for easier opening.

    I can make nothing of all this bad-handwriting.

    This bad-handwriting was/were made to be illiterate.


    He wasn't always a bully-----you made him into one !!!!=He was made to be a bully fool.

    What are /(were) we to make of his foolish behaviour?=He was made to be a fool.

    I can't make out what he wants=He was made to make up with more money-loans.---------(passive)

    I couldn't make it out---Did they want our help or not ?=They were made to make things up.----------(passive)

    Her beauty could make up for her stupidity.----active

    How can we make it up for her loss ?

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