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I was allowed to continue using the library.

They continued to meet every week.

請問知識大大們,此兩句一個用to-v另一句是+v-ing,我知道continue後可Ving或to V,但我不清楚什麼時候要用Ving,什麼時候是用to V,因為上述兩句好像都可以用Ving--continued  meeting?謝謝: )

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    Let me explain it to you.

    Continue to do something ,means that the actor may have a brief respite and then he goes on to do something that he originally did.

    For instance,the professor on the rostrum took a drink from his cup and continued to deliver his speech.

    While the other form,

    Continue ving,means that someone may keep doing what uninterruptedly.

    For example,I urged him that he shouldn't be too addicted to wine,but he ignored my advice. He continued drinking a large amount.

  • Louis
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    4 年前

    If someone or something continues to do something, they keep doing it and do not stop.


    Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

    continue to-inf

    =continue -ing



    Please stop laughing and get on with your work.

    He stopped (in order) to have a rest.(注意括號內略去的字,表示目的)

    Try to pass your test. (pass 是目標)

    If you cannot sleep, try counting sheep. (count 是方法)

  • 4 年前

    "continue" to do something 持續做某事

    "continue" doing something 持續做某事

    The above two usages of "continue" have the same meaning. Both "to do" and "doing" are the objects of the transitive verb "continue".

    To avoid confusion, a gerund (doing) will sometimes be used after the infinitive form of "continue"; such as "to continue doing..." rather than "to continue to do" which sounds a bit awkward in spoken English.