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請問英文小說中b.g.和 f.g.各是什麼意思? 是什麼字的縮寫? 感謝解答喔!?

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  • 3 年前

    Bad guy is a figure in the form of a man in the English Novel.This person dressed in a strange ,queer-looking way as fall-guy at fall in the Novel;

    He is a ridicule, exhibit in effigy guy=producing the desired result guy in the Novel.

    f.g. is a guy having sexual intercourse with a guy yet spoiled, ruined, nothing but a fool , to express irritation,etc.but often meaningless according to the Novel Content.It is an abbreviation, a shortened form, especially of words:-b.g.--f.g.--according to the author.,writer of the book;eg:-Dicken creates his favourite b.g. and f.g. in his books.