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就剩下這些沒有翻了 希望可以幫小弟一個忙



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  • 3 年前

    The autobiography written with the translation from C/E:-

    ---Because of the arrival of the illness had let me feel unprepared for seriously, I still did not want to give up my studies. Then I went to the hospital to receive treatment. After about one year, my body has gradually recovered and returned to school .Although a lot of subject progress has been delayed, my favourite two subjects are still studying hard with me. I hope to enter the university and to the related department.

    ---I am very interested in financial studies because the knowledge of management of finance has always been the subject I want to go to understand in-depth. I hope in the next four years at university can make me better understand this popular subject-knowledge. Let me move towards my future of management of finance a financial success.