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Research at Firmatek are working on a new material that will be twice as___as ordinary concrete.





答案是 B

解答是說: 根據前面的will be可得知此處應填選形容詞,所以選擇B


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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    2 年前

    as ... as 是在做同等的比較,中間放原級的「形容詞」或「副詞」:

    1. 放形容詞,前面的動詞是state verb(表示狀態):

    I am as old as he (is).

    I am old.與He is old.做同等的比較,old是做為「主詞補語」的原級形容詞。is/am是state verbs。

    2.放副詞,前面的動詞是action verb(表示行為):

    Tom can run as fast as I (can).

    Tom can run fast.與I can run fast.做同等的比較,原級副詞fast是做為動詞run的「修飾語」。run是acton verb。

    所以究竟as ... as之間放形容詞或副詞,主要是看句義裡做同等比較的是「主詞補語」,還是「動詞的修飾語」,如果前面的動詞是state verb,就是在做主詞補語的同等比較,我們思考的順序應該這樣才對。有些action verb可能接「受詞補語」(即不完全及物動詞);有些state verb才可能接「主詞補語」(即不完全不及物動詞),而主詞補語才可能用「形容詞」(主詞補語通常是形容詞、名詞,副詞是例外)。

    The new material will be twice as durable as ordinary concrete (is). 主詞補語做同等比較,但多了一倍(twice)。

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  • 2 年前

    (1) "will be" is the future tense for the linking verb "be". The linking verb is normally followed either by (a) a noun (called predicate nominative) or (b) an adjective (called predicative adjective) to rename or modify the subject (function as complement of the subject).


    (a) The new material will be a major breakthrough in construction. (predicate noun)

    (b) The new material will be very durable. (predicative adjective).

    (2) Only adjectives or adverbs can be used for comparison.

    As a conclusion based on (1) and (2), the choice has to be (b) durable, an adjective.

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  • 2 年前

    因本文中之”耐用”1字在修飾ordinary concrete,對人、事、物(名詞)的修飾須使用形容詞,副詞則是用於修飾動詞及副詞,本題之ordinary concrete是物,是名詞,故必須使用形容詞durable來修飾。

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  • 2 年前

    因為 "twice as durable as ordinary concrete"是 主詞捕語 用來形容 "a new material that".

    當然適用 形容詞.

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  • YIP
    Lv 7
    2 年前

    As -----as or so----as=="as"or "so" is an adverb to modify an adjective and then followed by " as" which acts as a conjunctive. For example: It's not so difficult as I expected. In the case of comparisons of equality,in the patterns :as x adj. or adv.x as, not so x adj or adv. x as: For example; I want a box twice as large as this. It isn't so(as) big as you think it is. Yip

    參考資料: According to the dictionary.
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