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Simon 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 3 年前

Disabled, handicapped, robust 查字典(看起來)都只是形容詞,但實際上只要加個冠詞都變成了名詞? 請問這種用法在文法書有無特別說明或大致上的規則為何?謝謝。?


The disabled:

[plural] people who are disabled.

The theatre has good access for the disabled.

The handicapped:

Current law requires businesses to make their buildings accessible to the handicapped.


On the night the estimation within the political class was that Gore had consolidated a robust if narrow lead.

下句為出自TED – How young people join violent extremist group.

And we work with them to bring the tech sector to the table with artists and creatives and marketing expertise so that we can actually have a more robust and challenging of extremism that works together.

句子意思大致上看得懂,但為何可這樣用? 及那些情況(那類形容詞)可如此使用則完全不懂!還是這是老外的直覺?

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  • 3 年前

    (1) disabled, handicapped,

    Adjectives used as nouns :

    There are some adjectives that can be used as nouns (by adding "the" in front) to categorize people by social class or physical condition. They are called collective adjectives in grammar.

    For example:

    “The rich should help the poor.”

    This sentence is another way of saying, “Rich people should help poor people.”

    Some other common collective adjectives are:

    the disabled, the handicapped

    the blind

    the elderly

    the hardworking

    the homeless

    the innocent

    the intelligent

    the sick

    (2) robust

    "robust" can only be used as adjective. You may have misunderstood the meaning in the example given by Longman.

    ~ a robust (強勁的) if narrow (但 差距小的) lead (領先)

    "robust" is an adjective modifying "lead"

    "if" is used before an adjective to introduce a contrast (Oxford Dictionary)

    ~ have a more robust and challenging (xxx) of extremism

    I think there is a hidden noun before "of extremism", which is modified by the comparative of adjectives "robust" and "challenging".

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  • 3 年前

    disable----verb----often passive---

    to make a person unable to use his body properly

    a disabled soldierTW.

    He was disabled in the warll, that he lost his legs !

    He is disabled from voting TW

    adjective:-a disabling disease.


    people who are physically disabled=a disabled

    The hospital has "very" good access for the disabled on wheel-chairs.

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