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Serving 和 portion的 分別?

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  • SC147
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    3 年前

    serving :


    一份食物 ( an individual quantity of food or drink taken as part of a meal )

    eg. The meat l have bought is good enough for two servings. (足夠二人的份量)

    eg. The McChicken Combo is sold at $32 per serving. ( 每一份 McChicken Combo 套餐 . . . )


    portion :


    1) 一份

    eg. If you buy two pieces, you would be given an extra portion (額外的一客)

    eg. Amy's portion ( Amy 的一份 ) was larger than her brother's.

    2) 一部分

    eg. He divided the cake into six equal portions (6等份)

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