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    Edward Thomas loves to bike, especially after he met Elliot in 1982. He still can vividly recall how Elliot and he rode the bike from Earth to the Moon, and then came home to the Mars. In those starry nights (and days, as matter of fact), they shared big mac’s at the Micky D’s, hitched ride behind Halley’s comet, and rested on the north pole of Ceres. At the end of that trip, he determined that he would, one day, trek journey to Earth to visit Elliot.

    Now, more than 35 years have passed. Edward, while cleaning up his garage in preparation for Christmas, found the bike Elliot gave him. The tires were flat, the chain rusty, the basket broken, and his heart weeping. “How are you doing? Elliot, buddy! Have I forgotten all about you?” Edward ponders. The very next day, Edward fixed up the bike, packed a few sandwiches in the broken basket, and started his journey for Earth.

    His journey to Earth was no joy ride, at least in comparison to that accompanied by Elliot. He did not realize that Mercury was under construction. Biking by it at the speed of light fell him into the twilight zone – the darkest part of swirling galaxy where no light is able to escape. “Help, is there anyone out there?” Edward cried out loud of no avail. Of course, who would be coming to this part of the universe during the holiday season? His hope for being rescued diminished day after day. Soon, hunger and thirst overcame and ET fell unconscious.

    A few days later, Venus walked by and saw a bump on her orbit. “why did you put this orbit bump on my excursion?” to Apollo, she yelled. “no way, Jose! I don’t do no nothing naughty no more.” Apollo was puzzled. “wait, it is ET trapped in Twilight Zone. I would never realize he could have caused such heavy duty MF phenomenon. OK, I would fix it and let me know what I should do with him.” Apollo replied after looking up his note pad.

    “K, just send him to a hospital on Earth. But do not expect me to pay for it!” Venus replied. ET was saved but he will not know who saved him for the next 80 years.

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