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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 3 年前

英文短文建議 英檢初級寫作題目?


Today is my worst day of my life! My favorite comic book has gone, because mom saw me read it the night before the test, she was very angry about it, and took away my book said I won't never get it back if my test is failed.

Doesn't't she knows that the most important thing before big test is relax? If she doesn't allow me to relax with my comic book, how do I relax?

Then, I told her what I thought, but she just became more angly, and took away my all comic book.

Finally, I got the best grade I've never had before in this test for saving my comic books, this is really a Biggest war for comic books!

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  • 3 年前

    1. way too over the top. Tone it down a bit,dude. The disappearance of a comic book cannot give you the worst day of your life. If you do not believe me, wait until your dog dies.

    2. punctuation marks are misused - you need to terminate sentences properly.

    3. I have all comic books in the entire universe. come to my house to read them anytime.

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