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鎧蔚 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 3 年前


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    3 年前

    英文兒歌名稱: Little peter rabbit

    **Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear.


    兒歌名稱: Flash my little donkey

    **Donkey,donkey, I beg you, please don't say Hi he!

    驢子 驢子 求求你了, 請不要說 嗨嘻!

    兒歌名稱: Where do all the daisies go

    **Where do all the daisies go? I know, I know!

    所有的雛菊 哪兒去? 我知道 我知道!

    兒歌名稱: All the birds have come again


    **Hear the happy chorus, Robin bluebird on the wing.

    聽聽 愉快的合唱,知更鳥在飛行中。


    4⃣️歌句首 組成句子

    Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear,

    " Donkey,donkey, I beg you, please don't say hi he! "

    Where do all the daisies go? I know, I know!

    Hear the happy chorus, Robin bluebird on the wing.


    【 留作參考 】



    兒歌名稱: A Wolf

    ** A wolf came out of the forest, “ Hello,hello,hello,

    兒歌名稱:Hush little baby

    **Hush, little baby, don't say a word,

    兒歌名稱:What do You Want to Eat?

    **What do You Want to Eat?

    4⃣️歌句首 組成句子

    Hello, hello, hello!”

    A wolf came out of the forest.

    Hush, little baby, don't say a word.

    “What do you want to eat?"

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  • 3 年前

    The four sentences x10 vocals the key:-

    McCartney, Paul's major hits names:-

    (Listen to what the man said )that silly love song was the National Anthem.

    Our(band on the run) with a little luck can sing through the lonely nights.

    (We all stand together) to entertain the public audience.

    (Hi,Hi,Hi,my love live and let die)whose name was Helen.


    Lennon,John's major hit titles:-

    (Give peace a chance)because both s&n Korea warring nations longed for peace.

    Give (power to the people)to control over other usa influence.

    (Imagine whatever gets you through the night)is a dream woman by a jealous guy.

    (Instant Karma) will influence your next life resulting from your action&fate if starting over&over again.


    Kinks,The's major hits:-

    (All day and all of the night)sunny afternoon till the end of the day will you see the Waterloo Sunset ?!

    (Autumn Almanac) is about the times of sunrise and sunset.

    (Lola) will come dancing with me.

    I'm (tired of waiting for you&you really got me in changes in the moon, Lola.


    John, Elton's major hits names:-

    (Your song Rocket Man is alright for fighting it)on a crocodile rock.

    Since (I'm still standing with sad songs)to the sacrifice of the crocodile on a yellow brick road.

    (Don't let the sun go down and go breaking my heart) with my only candle in the wind.

    (Sorry seems to be the hardest word whom they called it the Blues),yet I'm still standing, Diana.


    Genesis of Britain with Major Hits names:-

    When you tune in(Follow you,follow me)you've turn it on again,Mama ?!

    In(Land of confusion tonight)you got to throw it all away as the solution and that's all.

    (Paperlate)means you think you've left your papers on the office table.

    (Tonight,tronight,tonight) if (In too deep) your thinking,should be keyboards by Tony, Guitars by Mike,&drums,vocals by Phil Collins.

    -------------------------Eurythmics's major hits names:-

    (Who's that girl whom I lie to her?)

    (There must be an angel)right by my side because sisters are doing it for me?!

    (Love is a stranger)by your side,yet here comes the (sweet dreams)!!

    Although (thorn in my side) it's alright because there must be an angel by my side


    Duran Duran's major hits names:-

    We are (notorious,wild boys with a view to a kill).

    (Is ther something I should know?)I'm hungry like a wolf.

    I can't help shivering,thrilling when I'm singing---it's a (reflex) action.

    (Is ther something I should know? when Girls on Film?)Say a prayer and chase and catch after the attracting girls.


    Culture Club's major hits names are:-

    (Do you really want to hurt me)in the church of the poisoned mind?

    (It's a miracle)when Karma Chameleon victims move away from the Classic Pop rocks.

    (Move away) from your spare(time) and decided to join rock groups.

    "Boy" George and Mikey Craig bass are two culture club Britainees.


    The carpenters usa have had major hits names as sentences:-

    (For all we know) we've only just begun our friendship.

    (Rainy days and Mondays are hurting each other !

    (It's going to take some time to say good bye to Love)when I am close to you.

    "Calling occupants of interplanetary craft"this is Earth's life on another planet,Richard !

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