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O葩 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 年前


1. 一...的時候, S+V , .....多久後, S+V

例句1〜5 :

1) 一下課的時候, 我要去問老師問題

如果說用When 或 As soon as子句 我不知道下課的S+V怎麼說

(When the lesson ends嗎) ,所以我另有想到的講法是 few

minutes after the class(有點像是the day after tomorrow的概廓)

或 few minutes later than the class (會這樣想是因為我之前看過

提早幾分鐘的英文講法 像是 five minutes before schedule 和

five minutes earlier than schedule), (但上網沒查到有這種用法)

2) 下課五分鐘後, 我會去載你回家

3) 演唱會結束五分鐘後, 我會去載你回家

那如果使用上面像是few minutes after the class 這種結構的用法

, 也就是介係詞後面接時間基準點 :

則某活動開始或結束的”名詞”用法 (好像英文上講說 某活動"開

始"之前/之後 , 某活動"結束"之前/之後 應該是可由後面句子的語境

來大概知道時間基準點是在活動的"開始時"還是 "結束時" ,而不用

特地詳述 ) 或許勉強可說 the begining / end of 某活動

那除了以副詞型態的介系詞片語來表達之外 ,還是說有什麼"副詞

子句"的用法 可以來表達此意思 (用When S+V 嗎)

4) 我洗完澡五分鐘後 要去打報告

5) 我吃完飯五分鐘後 要去打掃教室

延續上面所講的 ,那對於 某人/物 做某事情 我就不知道其"名

詞"的用法 (是動名詞用法嗎)

那除了以上所提的以副詞型態的介系詞片語來表達之外 ,還是說

有什麼"副詞子句"的用法 可以來表達此意思 (用When S+V 嗎)

2. 每到…..的時候, S+V

例句1〜3 :

1) 每到下課的時候 ,我會去裝水來喝

2) 每到天氣放晴的時候, 我會跟同學去打球

3) 每到期中考考完的時候, 我會去爬山

但像是 "每到星期三的時候, S+V (ex: 我會去練球)" 我就知道

是要講說: ......."every Wednesday". 可能是因為Wednesday就是

一個名詞 所以很好講 ,但是像”下課 ,天氣放晴 ,期中考考完” 諸如

此類 若要講成名詞 也說不上來

那會不會單純是這樣講: When S + V , S + (頻率副詞) + V . 來

表示 每當…,我會…

3. 快到期中考的時候, S+V (ex: 我才開始準備 以及 我剛好要搬家)

1 個解答

  • 2 年前

    What a long time and questions you have been asking !? You had a most unpleasant time at the asking.that will take time for your past perfect tense, present tense etc. and can be done soon or quickly here.Take your time over them.Don't hurry.

    (1) As soon as the lesson ends,I'll ask the teacher questions (=when the session ends).)

    (2)I'll drive you home within 5 mins. after your class.

    (3)(At the end of the concert)=When the concert ends;

    (4)After I had taken a bath, I went to report.( Past perfect tense)

    (5)After I had eaten and then 5 min. later

    =Having eaten and then 5 min. later

    =When I had eaten and then 5 min. later

    The main clause for the above-------I went to clean the classroom.

    (1)I fill up the bottle after the class.

    (2)I play ball games whenever the weather is fine.

    (3)I climb hills whenever mid-term exam. finishes.

    (4) I practise ball games every Wednesday.

    ----When(adv)=at what time; on what occasion:-eg:-When will you fill the bottle?---When can you play games?----When will you climb hills?---When did that happen?=Wednesday.

    ----When=relative adverb with day, time,at, on which-eg:-Wednesday is the day when I practise ball-games.---There are times when filling the bottle;playing ball games; climbing hills; practising ball games ; shining sky; finishing the exam..etc is done by me.---It was one of those scheduled time-table during which time; Or at which time I'll do it.-------The frequency of practising ball-games in every Wednesday=rate of occurence;=number of repetition in a given time=a week=in every Wednesday.

    3--(5)I used to prepare the lessons---->when the mid-term exam. comes.

    -------I have to move my house---------->when the mid-term exam. comes.

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