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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 年前

想起各位幫我看看 我的英文自我介紹文法哪裡有錯 需要修改的!?

My high school reads a girls' school ,therefore arrives the university to experience very many different matters. I am a department of International Business Management in the Shih Chien university.

But my interests are not much connected to the department I’m reading. The interest is likes making some sweet snacks. Then can challenge oneself has not tried the ingredients, Like to challenge their own never tried the food will go to develop some special food Although the last washing appliances are very hard.Simultaneously also likes attempts oneself has not tried the matter, is likely high school's time participation flag team is stepping on the street together with the wind instrument music team, to me is a great experience.

I like the comfortable simple life . The future wants to be a baker to continue fulfilling own dream. This is my self introduction Thank you for listening

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  • 2 年前

    Oral presentations---Good morning. My talk(Luopei) today is on my self introduction.

    ---My high school is a girls' school. When I arrive at the Shih Chien University of International Business Management, I have to experience a very different environment change.

    ---Yet my interests are not much connected with the Department I studied; when my interests lay my hands on making sweet snacks,bread, cakes.

    ---I can challenge myself all those qualities, ingredients etc. and try creative/innovative parts in Bakery;despite the hardship experienced in washing appliances.

    ---Attempt to do something is comparable to high school's great experiencing attempt at doing something like "flag team" stepping marching, wind instrument music-learning,

    ---I like to make an attempt on my simple life to become a baker in the sun , in baking-hot day in the world so as to causing everyone's bread to be light !

    ---I am a hardworking and enthusiastic person,full of strong desire,eager for success ,and eager for success in life.Thank you for your time and attention .

    • TOMING88
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      2 年前檢舉

      Rganks Luopei for the encouragement !

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  • YIP
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    2 年前

    Ladies and gentlemen, I graduated in Shin Chien University and major in business administration and before that I studied in provincial girl's high school in Taiwan, Republic of China. Though I studied business administration and yet my interests are more or less regarding to snack and dessert. Moreover, I'm very fond of challenge myself to do something new e.g. to try special kinds of ingredients for making food; because, I had dealt with that kind of challenge before while I was in high school and participated in a rally of flag team together with other musical instrument team along the streets. Finally, It is my hope that I wish to have the simple life and become a baker in the future. The above is my self -introduction and thank you for listening. Yip.

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