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How was Gandhi significant in history in relation to the theme?

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    History is the branch of knowledge dealing with past events, political, social, economics, of a continent (India)

    As a student of history of Mahatma Gandhi, you will recall in history that Gandhi was called the Father of India.

    He had established the independent of India from British rule.

    In 1890 India was under British Colonial Rule like HK--the British Crowned Colony.

    When the young lawyer Gandhi witnessed the bullying of his compatriots in South Africa,,he determined to fight for the right of his countrymen.

    When he returned to India, Mahatma Gandhi had been the political and Parliamentary leader, advocated non-violent polices connected with political, social, economics and travelled across the country to win the trust and love of the POOR people.

    Despite repeated setbacks, he insisted on a hunger-strike to force the British Government to agree the India's Independence and succeeded in political self-governed.from British colonial authority.

    Later the India-Pakistan events connected with war also settled by Gandhi.

    This orderly description of past events connected with Mahatma Gandhi to make a new, modern India,Pakistan,Afghanistan, Tibet, Burma and Modern China. All British Commonwealth go to Independence.under the significance of Mahatma Gandhi.

    That's all you should know in relation to the theme.

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      give me a good tick.

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    How was Mr. Gandhi significantly affecting the relationships between Great Britain and India ? As far as we know that he had been the political and Parliamentary leaders with the consistent stand of political self-governed. And then, he had led the majority of citizens to boycott British colonial authority so as to achieve his proposal of independence;after the repeating efforts of movements and India became a independent state. Yip

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